The TNM Universe

Welcome to the TNM website that will host multiple circuits and dojos bringing these TNM simulated promotions back to life. We are currently working on multiple circuits which you will be able to read about soon. The following circuits are active

L.A. Dojo – This circuit will have matches with newly released exports and young lions from the 2019 year. Look for special “unchartered territory” events to be posted. 

USWA 1990 – A passion project of mine for years as we look at USWA Memphis and bring it into it’s own in the 2000’s. The 1990’s era will be hosted on this site. 

USWA 2000’s- Modernizing the 1990’s version of the circuit, this era takes place in the early 2000’s and will continue to bring it into the next generation. 

Lucha Circuit – A very small promotion that hosts arena events locally. This circuit shows off some of the best that lucha libre has to offer.